Why did Salsa choose Maxxing ?


Originally from a small town in northern Portugal and founded in 1994, Salsa quickly became an icon in the denim market. Characterized by its contemporary and timeless creativity, the brand has enjoyed significant success for many years. It has established itself in nearly 40 countries around the world through a combination of physical stores and online sites.


This success is due in part to the innovative and inventive nature of the company. For years now, Salsa has continued to excel in its field, in fact thanks to its authenticity and expertise, the brand continues to face its competitors and retain its customers. In order to satisfy all their customers and to be the most inclusive, Salsa makes no difference and creates jeans for all types of morphology, promoting the uniqueness of each and every person.



These past years, the consumer behaviour has changed a lot, each consumer has different needs, desires, and expectations. It is therefore necessary to manage and solidify relationships with customers. More and more companies are implementing strategies to learn more about their client’s needs and behaviours in order to develop a strong relationship with them.

Salsa's objective was to find a solution to understand better their customers' habits, behaviours and expectations to interact with them effectively: "Initially, my colleagues from Marketing and CRM departments were asking for a way to interact better with our customers, to get insights from their behaviours and to personalize our relationship with them." - Rui Oliveira, Chief Information Officer at Salsa.

As said previously, the brand operates in different countries around the world and combines physical stores and online sites, thus it was important for Salsa to know the interactions of their consumers across all their channels to offer the best customer experience. "Our customers are evolving in their ways to interact with our brand, which includes not only a visit to our online or physical stores but also, for example, the interaction with our Social Media channels or a submission of a product review. " -Rui Oliveira



By choosing Maxxing solution, Salsa was able to meet its needs. The project started with the analysis and the transfer of skills, after that Maxxing was there to support the brand in the integration part. By adopting the SaaS solution, the project was carried out efficiently, quickly and easily. The integration was mainly done by Salsa itself.

With Maxxing solution, Salsa was able to manage earns and burns in real time based on in-store and online purchases, product reviews, wishlists, offers on wallet and, of course, access to the loyalty profile with customer data and history.

Article publié le 04 juin 2021

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