Maxxing, it's also a story,
values and commitments

By developing its SaaS platform, MAXXING is getting closer to its customers and partners. The services provided, whether functional, data processing, project implementation, platform support, or business advice, are equally valued by the Maxxing's teams. They must be delivered with the same high standards and quality of service to satisfy our customers' consumers.

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We believe that listening to our employees, customers and partners is the foundation of any human relationship, and a sign of esteem and respect.


Knowledge is only valuable if it is shared by all!
Being as close as possible to our eco-system for mutual enrichment.


Working together for greater success!
A close-knit, motivated team, the Maxxing team does its utmost to contribute to the success and fulfillment of its customers' projects.


Commitment means taking action and keeping your promises while respecting your values! Maxxing is as committed to its employees, customers and partners as it is to environmental and social issues.

Our commitments

Aware of environmental, social and societal issues, Maxxing is reinforcing its CSR ambitions through a wide range of actions.


- Limiting, reducing and measuring the environmental impact of our digital products and services
- Putting the well-being of our employees at the heart of our business

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- Member of the professional organization for the digital ecosystem: NUMEUM
- Planet Tech' Care manifesto signatory
- Setting up a CSR committee
- Working with people with disabilities
- Remote working charter
- Paperless printing and widespread use of DocuSign

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- Adopt a CSR label
- Implement a responsible purchasing charter within the company

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