Relive our conference with Microsoft: “Loyalty at the heart of the online-offline fusion”.

Relive the Tech For Retail conference with Microsoft and Maxxing! Explore how the fusion of the online and offline worlds at the heart of customer loyalty offers unprecedented personalized experiences. Find out how brands can safely dare the future with Maxxing and its partner Microsoft.

What you’ll discover

  1. Growing awareness of the role of the consumer, who is a key player in his loyalty program, and a decision-maker in his choice of contact points.
  1. How brands are adopting a community approach, using gamification and personalization to satisfy different types of customer.
  1. The importance of innovation and secure risk-taking with flexible, scalable, multi-country solutions such as Microsoft and Maxxing.

Speakers :

Dani Soubra, Sales Manager, Maxxing

Jean François Gomez, Industry Solution Executive, Microsoft