The current major crisis has profoundly altered purchasing behavior and exacerbated the challenges facing companies.

Winning over new customers will be particularly challenging this year.

Marketers are well aware of this, and will need to strengthen their marketing strategies around their existing customers, because in 2021, your customers will be your greatest assets!

Brands that succeed in forging deep bonds with their customers by adopting new tools and engaging loyalty programs will be tomorrow’s champions, despite the difficulties associated with the current environment.

Over and above the economic aspect often highlighted in studies, loyalty has a strong impact on other areas such as brand awareness and quality.

These are just some of the many benefits that can be enjoyed by brands able to offer engaging and innovative loyalty solutions.

Increased sales thanks to growing trust in your brand

  • The increase in customer lifetime value (CLV) is closely linked to the increase in loyalty. A loyal customer by definition spends more often, but also has an average shopping basket 15% to 25% higher than that of a new customer.
  • A loyal customer is less sensitive to variations in the price of a company’s products, as he will give priority to the relationship he has with your brand.
  • On average, loyal customers are twice as likely to try out new products as occasional customers, because they trust you.

Save on acquisition, promotional and support costs

  • It’s a well-known fact that acquiring a new customer costs on average 5 to 7 times more than retaining an existing one.
  • The data deliberately shared by a loyal customer will enable you to implement targeted marketing actions, thereby reducing your communications budget.
  • A loyal customer by definition knows your offer and services well, and will therefore need less assistance than a new customer. It has been proven that the majority of customers who contact customer service are “new customers”.

Improve your brand image and awareness

Satisfied, loyal customers are a company’s best source of communication. They easily become “ambassadors” for your brand, spreading a positive image. Their word is all the more credible in that they do so without financial gain. In the age of viral customer reviews, it would be dangerous to underestimate the impact of this issue and not take advantage of this “free communication”, which will encourage the acquisition of new customers without any particular marketing investment.

Helping you to improve your offering on an ongoing basis

Satisfied, loyal customers tend to develop an emotional bond with your brand. Invested on an emotional level, they’ll be more inclined to get involved in the relationship they have with you. They’ll be invaluable sources of ideas for introducing new products, improving the services we offer or even finding out what customers want in the future, so you can adapt your offering accordingly. Thanks to customer feedback, you can also detect any deterioration in a service or product at an early stage, and react in good time. In short, loyalty is an essential tool for continuously improving your offer and ultimately attracting new prospects.

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