The Salsa Challenge

Over the past few years, consumer behavior has evolved considerably, with each consumer having different needs, desires and expectations. This makes it all the more important to manage and solidify customer relationships. More and more companies are implementing strategies to learn more about customer needs and behaviors in order to develop customer relationships.

Salsa’s objective was to find a solution that would enable them to better understand their customers’ habits, behaviors and expectations, so as to be able to interact effectively with them: “My colleagues in the Marketing and CRM departments were asking for a way to better interact with our customers, to obtain information about their behavior and to personalize our relationship with them.” – Rui Oliveira, Chief information officer at Salsa.

As previously mentioned, the brand operates in different countries around the world and combines chain stores and online sites, so it was important for Salsa to know how their consumers interact across all their channels to offer the best customer experience. “Our customers are evolving in the way they interact with our brand, which includes not only a visit to our online or physical stores, but also, for example, interacting on our social networks or posting a product review.” -Rui Oliveira

The Maxxing solution

By choosing the Maxxing solution, Salsa was able to meet its needs. The project began with analysis and skills transfer, after which Maxxing was on hand to support the brand in the integration phase. By adopting the SaaS solution, the project was able to be carried out efficiently, quickly and easily. The integration was mainly done by Salsa herself. Thanks to the Maxxing solution, Salsa was able to manage earn and burn in real time based on in-store and online purchases, product reviews, wish lists, portfolio offers and, of course, access to the loyalty profile with customer data and history.

Introducing Salsa

Hailing from a small town in northern Portugal and founded in 1994, Salsa quickly became an icon in the denim market. Characterized by its contemporary, timeless creativity, the brand has enjoyed great success for many years. It has established a presence in almost 40 countries worldwide, combining chain stores and online sites. This success is due in no small part to the company’s innovative and inventive character. For years now, Salsa has continued to excel in its field. Indeed, thanks to its authenticity and expertise, the brand continues to stand up to its competitors and build customer loyalty, keeping its place in the denim market.

In order to satisfy all its customers and be as inclusive as possible, Salsa makes no distinction and creates jeans for all body types, encouraging individuality.

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